Summer: tips and advice for healthy post-vacation hair

by | 5 July 2021

Ah, summer! Sun, heat, wind, and jumping in the pool, summer is a time of the year during which several external factors attack the scalp, destabilizing the hair’s natural protection. For this very reason, one must protect the hair from these factors throughout the summer. Here are some tips and advice from PAI Medical Group to achieve that end!

How to Protect Your Hair from the Sun?

The sun remains the best source of vitamin D, which stimulates immunity and prevents osteoporosis (by combining it with calcium), all while managing to make us feel good. Excessive exposure to the sun can, of course, be risky, especially if no sun protection has been applied.

Although no direct causal link between hair loss and sun exposure has been proven, the fact remains that UV rays alter the appearance of your hair by penetrating deep into the hair fiber. The result? Your hair will get dehydrated and become brittle. To prevent sun damage to your hair, protect it with a sunscreen that contains high SPF (spray-on) and wear a hat during prolonged exposure.

Watch Out for Scalp Sunburn!

When it comes to the scalp, sun protection is far from extra since this time. It is a question of protecting a delicate area of the skin and avoiding sunburn where it can be very painful.

People with thinning hair should beware of the sun’s rays, which quickly attack the scalp; a hat or cap is essential, and people with baldness should apply sun protection (mattifying sun cream or transparent sun spray) and avoid exposure to UV rays, especially between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., while covering their head from the sun.

Severe sunburn, especially on the head, often leads to sunstroke (headache, fever, dizziness, nausea)

When Cooling Off Can Mean Drying Out?

One of the summer’s pleasures is undoubtedly cooling off in the pool, or even better, in the sea. But be careful! Water cleansing products (chlorine, salt) are part of the external factors that can harm the health of your hair—drying it out. A thorough rinse with fresh water after swimming is recommended to eliminate the presence of these aggressive products from your hair.

Drink Water: Vital in Summer

Drink water at all times! It’s often said, but the fact remains that for your hair to be healthy, proper hydration (minimum of 8 glasses per day) of your body is necessary, especially in summer. Also, consider investing in good quality moisturizing hair care products (shampoos, conditioners, masks) that do not contain sulfate or parabens.

Stress: A Risk Factor for Increased Hair Loss

During vacations, we get away from the work daily stress and traffic, but it is important to maintain healthy habits in order to protect the health of our hair (a good night’s sleep, a healthy and varied diet, reasonable alcohol consumption, etc.).

However, we often notice an increase in hair loss following summer vacation. This phenomenon can be caused by the stress of returning to work; learning to manage this stress (meditation, activities) can help minimize it.

It is, although, important to remember that during the period following the vacations (beginning of the fall), the hair synchronizes its cycle (seasonal effluvium) and that more significant hair loss is normal at this time of the year.

The PAI Medical Group: Listening to Your Needs

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Have a great summer!