What are the impacts of vegetable oils on your hair health?

by | 8 April 2022

Vegetable oils have been known for their countless benefits on hair. Many vegetable
oils have gone viral on social media for their impressive results. Some oils provide
volume, increase hydration, stimulate hair growth, give shine or prevent greasy hair.
The list is long!

How to choose the right oil for your hair?

To pick the right vegetable oil, it is first important to understand what your hair
Perhaps you should focus on finding treatments for your scalp. For example, almond
oil will relieve the irritation on your scalp and make it healthier. You should massage
your scalp for two minutes when applying oil to it. This will activate blood circulation
and oxygenate your scalp.
The most popular vegetable oil is definitely coconut oil. It is known for its moisturizing
and fortifying properties. However, it should be avoided on frizzy hair. It could give
the opposite of the desired effect and increase breakage.
Argan oil is just as popular for deeply regenerating hair fiber. This Moroccan oil can
be used as a mask. You should leave it on your hair for 30 minutes or overnight.
Avocado oil moisturizes and helps to prevent dry hair thanks to its content of vitamin
E and fatty acids.
For hair growth, castor oil remains the most popular choice. However its texture is
very thick and viscous. We recommend mixing castor oil with another vegetable oil. It
will help facilitate the application on your hair.

How to apply vegetable oil to your hair?

You should apply vegetable oil on your hair only once a week. Doing it too often
could make your hair greasy.
Apply only 3 tablespoons and make sure to spread the product evenly. Having your
hair wet will increase product penetration. Purchase a pure and cold-pressed oil to
optimize the results and make sure to read the labels carefully!
We recommend you to do your own research in order to find an oil that matches your
hair type. Whether you have fine, frizzy, curly, damaged or oily hair, there is an oil
that is right for you!